Anthony Hopkins in When Eight Bells Toll

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Anonymous said: Clarice reads the case file in SOTL only to discover that Hannibal has doodled hearts with their initials in them all over the inside pages.


"Dr.Lecter? Do you want to explain what all of this means?”

"I’m sorry, Clarice, can you not read cursive?"

Possibly my favourite prompt so far…


"Paint me like one of your French Girls, Doctor."

Clannibal Sketch Prompt suggested by com3150project.

Clarice calls Hannibal “Doctor” when she’s feeling peeved. Hannibal likes to call Clarice “Ex Special Agent Starling” when he’s feeling horny mischievous.

I’m trying to get back into the swing of things. Feel free to send me more clannibal prompts.

Anonymous said: Hello Straggle, I'm sorry to bother you but do you have any more recs for Hannibal/Clarice?


Hi there, anon! It’s no bother. It’s been AGES, though, since I’ve read anything with that couple so I apologize in advance for the delay! Ok, lets see…

All of these fics are gonna come from Loving Lecter, because it’s the best site for Hannibal and Clarice fics period. Well, there might be some from FF.Net.

Sadly I don’t have it in me to properly scour FF.Net, where I know are more fics to rec. If and when you run out ask me again, anon!

I have a rec list (including links - which is absolutely a slog you’re right) if anyone is interested. It’s on my blog.

Hannibal - This book is outstanding.

5 Star Review from Amazon

if you are capable of moving beyond the detective-thriller model of SOTL and into more deep and challenging waters. An approriate subtitle of this book would be “The Healing of Hannibal Lecter and Clarice Starling.” As was said, this is not some linear detective thriller nor is it a Harlequin Romance, both of which the critics of this book should really be spending their time with it seems, along with Paul Krendler on the other side of the flowers. Hannibal is over their head.

I have worked extensively with the severely mentally ill, particularly schizophrenics and psychotics, as well as people with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. They develop coping mechanisms that we find extreme or odd, because their past experience has such a hold on them, and intrudes into their lives so radically. How would you cope if you as a child saw a sibling torn from your hands and eaten…or your father was murdered?

The genius of this book is that Lecter and Starling not only complete each other, they heal each other. She, a resolute warrior who once committed will never leave or be taken without a fight to the death..she will never be a victim. He, the father figure who seeks her liberty and healing while at the same time does not seek her to be dependent upon fact he loves her for what he sees as a fierce independence that has been shackled by the trauma of her father’s death and her remaining within the bounds of political institutions that now seek to harm her. After having read Hannibal Rising, I now see that his real love for her is because unlike Lady Murasaki, who ended up walking away from him and his pathology, Starling was not only fearless in the face of it but was willing to save his life despite his nature. Their personalities and trauma history are perfectly matched. In the end they make a great couple, healed, whole, and happy.

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Best Of Three - By Zircon


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Summary: Clarice and Dr. Lecter cross paths again, and the Doctor is anxious to continue their game of cat and mouse.

Honestly, any fic by Zircon is worth the read. This one is no exception. 

Zircon’s Clannibal fics were all updated and re-edited on LiveJournal/Dreamwidth so it’s fun to re-read them there too.

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Plus there’s Remains of the Day and Buffy fanfiction there too. It’s all good.

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czarnyzeszyt said: Dr Lecter criticizes her shoes, again.





" …dammit, you’re right.

Fashionnibal Lecter strikes again.

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Hate in the Clarice Starling tag got me like !(◎_◎;)

What I love about Clarice Starling: 

She’ll live forever in the pages of those books, waiting for me to crack open those covers or turn on my Kindle.

She’ll forever be a young woman— optimistic and continually driven to equal the balance. 

She’ll always be a weary, embittered warrior, grimly holding fast to the idea of justice in the face of a bureaucracy trying to grind her down.

No matter the time, the entertainment industry, or the interpretation, she’s waiting in those incorruptible pages, and I’ll look forward to getting to know her all over again.




Don’t get me wrong, hannibal rising is an awful movie, I’ll just never get why so many people get so furious over it. Is it because Harris wrote the screenplay? I don’t think that warrants the anger I’m seeing. Is it…

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed Hannibal Rising. I always thought Red Dragon was a bit formulaic but SOTL and Hannibal really blew the whole thing out of the water.

I loved how so many bits of Lady Murasaki reminded the reader of the things Hannibal so obviously desired about Clarice Starling except in the end Murasaki couldn’t cross over. I think she was purposefully written without the darkness so apparent in Clarice.

Never saw the movie. I’d recommend reading them in publication order (unlike Narnia).


Brave Clarice. You will let me know when those lambs stop screaming, won’t you?


Brave Clarice. You will let me know when those lambs stop screaming, won’t you?